Teddy Mountain Europe has moved to UK

To ensure adequate and consistent stock levels for our valued customers, Teddy Mountain has decided to close our European Distribution Center in Denmark and consolidate all stock in the UK warehouse. This has occurred due to the proximity of the warehouses geographically within the EU. Therefore, your closest Distribution Center is now "Teddy Mountain UK". If you were ordering out of the "Europe" Distribution Center in Denmark you will need to 're-register' on the UK website. Your orders will then ship from the following location:

Teddy Mountain UK LTD
Units 13 & 14 Yalberton Tor Industrial Estate

TEL 01803 559768
SALES LINE 07540 052662
SALES LINE 07720 149986

Reg. No. 7274414; VAT No. 991 4499 69.

For general questions or inquiries regarding the UK warehouse please email tina@teddymountain.com or contact our Teddy Mountain UK warehouse as per above.

Thank you for your patronage and we look forward to serving you out of the UK Distribution Center!

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